About L.L.

L L Nelson in a blue shirt and black back ground

L. L. Nelson is a full-time librarian, part-time genealogist, history buff, and contributor to the first two volumes of the Organic Ink poetry anthology. In short, she is a word nerd with a passion for poetry, fantasy, historical fiction, and just a little bit of romance. She’s been creating worlds and figuring out the ‘what ifs’ in her stories since she was old enough to read the words ‘Egg Roll King’ on a local Chinese restaurant sign in 1992.

In college, she took all the creative writing classes she could to feed her need to write. This gave her enough credits to graduate with a minor in English and the ability to second guess her work like a true writer. It also introduced her to a variety of genres and their tropes that she now uses in her stories and poetry.

As a librarian, L. L. Nelson has honed her research skills to a science. (A library science.) This has given her mad talent when it comes to finding obscure facts to use in her stories and poetry. (Like the fact that the Vikings used rap battles as a form of combat.)

When not dealing with her scripturient nature, L L Nelson is a mom, inventive cook, wannabe linguist, and dreams of being not only a ‘word traveler’ but a world traveler. Fortunately, she lives in Southern California with her husband and kids, so she can go to Disneyland once a year and pretend that she’s actually traveling around the world, even when she isn’t.