Alex and Titus survived Mount Vesuvius, but can they survive an immortal hellbent on revenge?

After their escape from ancient Herculaneum, Alex and Titus are safe in modern day America. Alex is home, yet everything has changed. She has plenty on her mind now—her desire for Titus, the realization that she’s a time traveler, and keeping her museum job. When Titus finds comfort in the familiarity of military life, Alex is torn between her pacifist background and her desires for a future with him.

If that wasn’t enough, their old enemy, the immortal Fortuna Atrox, soon becomes her new boss. When she hires Alex’s old flame to work with her, it threatens to drive a deeper wedge between Alex and Titus.

Caught between a comfortable past and strange new future, Alex faces an enormous decision: embrace her newfound life with Titus and the Muses, or submit to the manipulative hand of Fate.

Can Alex and Titus defy Fortuna’s ruthless schemes, or will they—and their bond—succumb to the unrelenting force of ancient vengeance?