Time travel should be a historian’s dream come true. But when Alex is tossed into the past, how real is too real?

Alexandra Lindgren thought her life was perfect. A history buff with her dream job as a museum archivist, a fabulous boyfriend, and a great social life. The only way life could get better would be to experience the past firsthand…

But hours after her boyfriend dumps her, she’s tossed back into ancient Herculaneum – only weeks before Mount Vesuvius is set to erupt. As the reality of living in the past sets in, Alexandra realizes that it may not be as enchanting as she imagined. Especially since she has no idea how to get home.

However, hope appears in an unexpected form – Clio, the Muse of history, emerges and offers Alexandra a way back to the present. The condition? Alexandra must save Titus, a handsome young man who was never meant to be in Herculaneum. The mission seems straightforward, but the path ahead is fraught with peril. Soon Alex and Titus are embroiled in a supernatural power struggle with enemies around every corner.

Will they escape Vesuvius? Or will history be a little too real this time?