A treasured book and a hidden legacy. What are the value of such things?

In the quiet corners of Ina Svanunge’s life lie the remnants of a mysterious inheritance—gifts from her long-absent father. Yet, amidst the few possessions he left behind, one stands out: a weathered leather-bound book, the key to a hidden legacy.

Enter Mattie—a stranger turned confidant—revealing the threads of a larger world intricately woven into the very pages of Ina’s prized possession. As secrets unfurl and the allure of a forgotten past beckons, Ina stands at a crossroads, torn between exploring her father’s legacy and safeguarding her fragile family harmony.

But the path to discovery is fraught with peril, risking not only her mother’s ire but also unearthing truths that may reshape her understanding of who she truly is.

When her mother destroys her precious book, will Ina be able to stand defiant against her mother’s cruelty? Or will she continue to keep the status quo?