What you don’t know, can hurt you…

Fifteen year old Bjornulf has lived with his dragon kin his entire life, believing he is a normal, full-blooded dragon like them.
Life on his father’s island is ideal, as he learns to fight and grow like any other young dragon. He might not be as strong as some of his kin or able to shift into his dragon form like the older ones, but he’ll train and prepare until the day he can.

When a dangerous new guest forces their way onto the island, however, Bjornulf learns the truth of his heritage and the prophecy surrounding his birth. Not only is he half human, but he’s destined to save both his human kin and their dragon allies.

Now revealed, he’s hunted by dragon and elven enemies alike. Will he be able to survive and fulfill the prophecy? Or will the dragons and humans he’s supposed to protect, perish?