Lohikärra was her father’s home, but will it become hers?

Mattie Gunvald knows how to start over. She’s done it plenty of times in her father’s video games—and in real life. But when a freak accident lands her in Lohikärra—the world that inspired her father’s games—she’s at a loss.

Not only is Lohikärra real, but it was her father’s home and it could be hers if she chooses. Yet, as she adapts to this new realm, making new friends and reuniting with old ones, there are those who would rather see her leave, especially when she allies herself with the half-elven inhabitants who are looked upon with suspicion by many of their fully human neighbors.

In the end, she’ll have to decide: Is Lohikärra worth calling home? Or will it just be another place where she doesn’t truly belong?