Cursed from birth, can Freya create her own destiny?

For as long as she can remember, Freya has  known she will be a Bride of Ryluth, even if only to protect her people, the Droquro. But when calamity hits and truth is revealed, Freya gains the opportunity to chart her own future.

Empowered to carve her destiny, Freya finds herself entwined with Bjornulf, a resolute warrior whose presence ignites hope and desire. As she embraces newfound possibilities, the weight of choice looms heavy. Will she honor her newfound freedom, weaving a destiny woven by her own hands? Or will the ties to her people shackle her to a predetermined course?

In a world where prophecies collide with passion, Freya must navigate the delicate balance between forging her own path and safeguarding the lives entrusted to her care. Will she grasp the reins of her fate, risking all for a chance at true freedom, or succumb to the chains of prophecy and duty?