What would you risk to protect those you love?

Life is good now for Ina and Haldrek. The war with the Blodnar is nearly over and the birth of Lohikärra’s new Aethling—their son, Eero—is a sign of more peaceful and prosperous times to come.

Even so, the necromancer Rorik is still loose and his power grows. When rumors reach them of an ancient dragon being brought back to life and people being kidnapped by Rorik’s followers, both Ina and Haldrek know they need to quell Rorik’s machinations. Haldrek sets out to confront him, leaving Ina and their newborn son within the protection of Drattüjert’s palace and its dragons.

But when dragon magic begins to fail, a new prophecy is revealed, and Rorik’s dark magic is felt deep in the palace, Ina realizes she can’t wait for Haldrek to save the day. Along with an old friend, she will have to confront Rorik once and for all. Even if it means risking the future she has desired her entire life.