Lohikärra was just a game. Until it wasn’t.

The Lohikärra video games are an escape from 17-year-old Ina Svanunge’s abusive mother and miserable existence. In them, she can be powerful, strong, and confident. Everything she’s not in real life.

But when a freak accident transports her and her best friend, Mattie, to the real Lohikärra, it’s no longer a game. Once there, Ina finds out her long-absent father was a powerful thegn — and she’s his rightful heir.

Unfortunately, she isn’t the only one claiming his title, and the others are more than willing to kill her for it. On a journey across Svartån, Ina must become the character she’s always wanted to be, and fight for her birthright. If she fails? She risks losing everything, including a place in the world of Lohikärra.

Will Ina be able to claim her rightful title with help from Mattie and their handsome new friend, Haldrek? Or will she end up dying in a foreign, unforgiving land?