She will be Thegn of Svartån. If Svartån still exists.

Ina Svanunge is the rightful thegn-heir of Svartån, but the curve is steep as she learns to lead and protect her new homeland. A challenge made more difficult by the deep hatred many of her subjects hold against their half elven neighbors.

When an invasion from the Isillas elves—Svartån’s most ancient enemy—looms imminent, Ina’s first priority is to prepare her new homeland’s defenses. With the Isillas at their doorstep, Svartån is fractured and in need of a leader to unite it once and for all. A leader like Ina.

But when Ina runs out of time and finds herself weakened and alone, face to face with an enemy much more powerful than her, will she survive?

More importantly, will Svartån survive?