Coming Soon – Queen of Drattüjert

This post is actually on time (or early depending on how you look at it), but Queen of Drattüjert, the third book in The Lohikärran Chronicles is now available for pre-order! I’m going wide with all of my stories now (KU didn’t really work too well with me or this series), so you can order Queen of Drattüjert not only on Amazon, but other digital retailers as well (B&N, Kobo, Apple Books, etc)

Curious what is next for Ina now that she is Thegn of Svartån? Here’s a little description:

Old enemies. New challenges. Ina is thegn, but can she be queen?

Ina Svanunge is officially the Thegn of Svartån and the chances of her becoming the High Queen of Lohikärra increase steadily as she and Haldrek grow closer. But with the Isillas conflict behind her, there arises an even bigger threat: the Blodnar Empire from the south. An empire still bent on subjugating Lohikärra and its people. 

To make matters worse, the capital city of Drattüjert is still under Blodnar control. Drattüjert is the spiritual heart of Lohikärra, and Lohikärra will never be whole without its heart. Ina and her fellow thegns have a plan to take it back, but there are traitors amongst their ranks determined on obtaining their own power and glory.  The last thing Ina’s beloved country needs is the emergence of a necromancer intent on destroying both Lohikärra and its dragons entirely.

When traitorous calamity strikes, Ina and Haldrek are forced into a race against time to save their loved ones, Lohikärra, and even Ina’s hometown, Fargo.

Will Ina and Haldrek be able to save both their worlds? Or will they lose everything they’ve been fighting for?

Pre order now and travel alongside Ina as she fights to protect both Lohikärra and Fargo from calamity.

Queen of Drattüjert is a traditional young adult portal fantasy featuring a Norse inspired fantasy world, as well as elements of progression fantasy and Gamelit. It is perfect for those who enjoy stories by Anthea Sharp, Ramy Vance, or Michael Chatfield.


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