June 30th, 2019 – or the day I officially became a published author

Hi y’all!

It’s June 30th, 2019 and as of today, I can officially say that I am a published author. Organic Ink Volume 1 went live today (despite some hiccups, it seems, on Amazon’s side) and in that poetry anthology, I have four poems under my (quasi) pseudonym – L. L. Nelson.

The goal – and dream – of being published is something that I’ve had since I was twelve and wrote an (unintentionally) cheesy historical romance that I was super proud of. At fourteen, I wrote a letter to myself (as part of a youth activity in my church) listing out the goals that I wanted to accomplish by the time I was eighteen. The first goal in the letter was to publish my story. While that story is still in my drafts (after a massive overhaul due to learning more about how to write a story over the years), the goal of writing and publishing something stayed with me over the years and I continued to dabble in it as I got older.

Fast forward to January of this year when I saw that a friend from college had published a clean romance novel that was really good and getting excellent reviews on Amazon. Surprised (because I hadn’t known she was a writer) and knowing that I still had that dream, I decided that 2019 would be the year that I finally took my writing seriously and published something.  Even if it was small and just a baby step toward my bigger goals.

So I joined groups of other authors, wrote, edited, and did the scariest thing of all – submitted a few poems to the Organic Ink anthology.

And now I’m here (surprisingly faster than I thought I would be). There are officially e-books and physical books with my writing in them. Which is exciting.

This is by no means an ‘I finally made it and now I’m resting on my laurels‘ post. No way. I still have a ways to go until I reach my ultimate writing goals. But this is a journey and this is the first step.


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