Writing and Publishing in the time of COVID-19

Well, March and April were not what expected when I woke up to 2020 back in January. It’s only May and I feel like I’ve already seen the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The good: 1) I made the first profits of my writing career – $0.98! 2) I got to spend more time with my family! 3) I got a taste of what working at home would be like (and I actually like it!)

The bad: 1) The two poetry anthologies I was in were unpublished in April by the publisher, each being out for less than a year. 2) COVID-19 (enough said).

The ugly (or rather the uncomfortable): 1) The chaos and coming face-to-face with the unknown when you are a planner at heart.

That said, if the last two months have taught me something (or re-taught), it’s that there are silver linings to most every bad or uncomfortable situation. COVID-19 is bad, but it’s given me time with my family and time to explore what working at home would be like.

The two anthologies I was in getting unpublished by the publisher with little reason or notice is bad, but I got all of the rights back (yay!) and I can use those poems in different ways in the future. And even though I have no hard feelings toward the publisher (publishing is a hard profession, y’all.) it’s made me realize that self-publishing is probably the route I want to take in the future – even if it might be longer or full of more learning curves (at least for me).

For example, two of those poems are part of the lore in (one of) my fantasy worlds. So those will likely end up as freebie material for people check out here on my website. I’ll likely put up other stuff too, like character bios and scenes/vignettes that don’t make it into the stories. We’ll see. Such is the life of someone trying to figure out self-publishing.

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