The Ballad of Bjornulf – Part 2

O Lusarth! Hail to me, Hallmund thy humble voice,

That I may tell the tale of Bjornulf, first High King

Of Lohikärra. Leading his men in rescue

Of the land, so long where vile Ryluth’s terror lay.


With Tenelth, twin souls’ teeming retribution

Against the ageless fyrewyrm’s fearsome ascent.

Hordes of warriors hereafter to be heroes

Of Lohikärra, long remembered in legend.


Over the hospitable plains of Heidrunefoss,

Fought battles of fearsome foes, that land forever

Marked in memory as Bjornulf’s monumental

Victories began there. Valiant were his gesiths.


As many dragons, minions of Ryluth, began 

To fall from the sky in fearful frenzy, the clans

Of Lohikärra leapt to the leadership of

Bjornulf and his brave gesiths – bold as they were now. 


Soon too, Svarhestån pledged solidarity with

Bjornulf, the fearsome riders forsaking failures

And reneged the rewards that the cult of Ryluth 

Swore. Thus Svarhestån spurned the snarling sky serpent.


Yet, still! Ryluth raged on, rousing the monsters of

Itaranikä. Issuing forth in large waves.

The terror of the dark sky and trembling earth,

Gave pause to gallant warriors and gesiths both.


In the imperiled fray, both were injured Bjornulf 

and Ryluth. Battle raging, monsters wrought vengeance

As Bjornulf lay bare and broken. But! As Ryluth

Fought, and Bjornulf faded, so flew a firedrake


Shadowing over solemn Bjornulf, such mercy

From fairest Freya and her dragon steed, Beroan.

The tempest in the sky tested and thrilled the men

To face a fleeing Ryluth and their former foes.


Bjornulf soon bandaged and healed better, bid Freya

To his side, silent nor simple was his praise, she

His queen, his consort, his equal as haldraga.

Proclamations of her prestige and honor flew


forth of her might, fortitude and the fierce power

of Bjornulf’s beloved. This bade many of the

Reluctant rulers of Itaranikä to 

Be among Bjornulf’s allies and mighty gesiths.


As Bjornulf lay, Freya led gesiths to the lands

Of Lansiranikä. Long were these foes laid ‘gainst

The Droquro. Driven by the dread of Ryluth,

The people of Lansiranikä laid claim on


Ryluth’s wretched promise. Enraged was the dragon

When Freya fled to Bjornulf’s feet and freed herself

Of her childhood oath. Onwards, Ryluth ordered

Her sacrifice, to satisfy his blood filled soul.


But Freya bowed not, nor bent to his braching hiss.

And rallied forth the gallant gesiths to gather

And defeat the determined foes of the Droquro.

In mythic might, Freya made the men of Ryluth


Submit to her studied tactics, thus she won the

Lands of Lansiranikä to Bjornulf’s glory.

As Freya’s assaults did ascend, Bjornulf began

His journey to join her. Joyous was their meeting.


Freya drew away to due rest at Drattujert

And so stayed three seasons at her sanctuaried

Respite. While Bjornulf raised his ready weapon to

Subdue the sly Isillas elves of Svartån.


As Svartån stood under Bjornulf’s shield, so word came

From Freya’s fingers of firstborn heirs to Bjornulf

And herself. Hearing this heralded news, Bjornulf

Bade celebration of the births beginning thus.


Since then, the thegns of Lohikärra give tribute

To Freya, fairest mother of Lohikärra.

Under such banner, Bjornulf began his battle

Against the archers and angered necromancers


Of Andrattür. A land aligned with healing and

The birth of dragons. Bedeviled by base beings

And the unholy undead, Bjornulf undermined

The priests of rot corpses and reviled Ryluth.


Soon sanctified, Andrattür was set aside for

Bjornulf’s firstborn son and blessed for his descendants.

Thus was Mirratoft, the first estate of the thegns,

Created, ‘round the healing pools of dragons’ hearth.


In wake of Bjornulf’s warriors, came wicked word

Of Ryluth’s revenge and bloodied retribution.

Tales of Drattrede’s dead delivered with dread to him,

Sent Bjornulf to save the souls of sullied allies.


Drattrede! Oh how daring you are to devils in

The sky. Never silent against Ryluth’s sins and

Evil ways. Educated by Tenelth’s kin, 

Drattrede defended against its dark and dim fate.


Ryluth raged at Drattrede’s resilence and Bjornulf

Gained victory with its gallant gesiths, glory

Was to him and his hundreds. Warriors at heart,

Drattrede’s daring defied death and Ryluth’s dread.


In nearby Nerthusån, Bjornulf was named kin and

Ally. Ryluth’s priests set ablaze by angered clans.

Thus Bjornulf met no malice, but mirth at his day

Of decree, at Drofrar, destined estate of his. 



As winter fell, Foseån forged forth against foe

Ancient and angered by its abandonment of

Once honored oaths. Onward Foseån advanced to

Bjornulf’s battle beleaguered gesiths, bidding them


Rest and renewal. Strength regained, Bjornulf rallied

His men to might, mingling his many warriors

With the wrath of resolute tribes rebelling ‘gainst

Ryluth’s wicked ways. So weakened was the fyrewyrm


As Bjornulf pushed past the perilous, ancient paths

Of Bragidrattür. Lo! Lusarth, lend me the tongue

Of my elders, eloquent and elegant they

Spoke. Of sinister serpents and sacred songs, such


That foretold fearsome frays and forays against fire

Drakes, determined to destroy the deliverers

Of Bragidrattür. Made bold by bidden allies,

The sea serpents, salient souls of Tenelth’s


Kin, kings keen on keeping Ryluth’s kraken kin at

Bay, Bjornulf beckoned his brazen men beyond to  

Dratrigräd. Daring dying drakes to defy him.

There the taste of ill-tempered tyrants humbled them.


Dratrigräd digging deep in its devotion to

Ryluth. Rising to redeem their wretched ruler.

Long had Dratrigräd languished, listening to the

Cunning caprices and consigning captives to


A death deemed decent and destined. Devilish wyrm,

That Ryluth rose, returning raging gesiths to

Dratrigräd’s doors, a determined final defeat.

Fraught with fear, the gesiths fled to fight a new day.


But bellowing beckons from Beroan bade eyes

To see a serpentine savior snatch success from

Ryluth’s wretched realm and release his reign of wrath

From Dratrigräd’s duty. Devotion dissolved as 


Freya fought her first foe, finishing finally

What Bjornulf began in Bragidrattür below.

Even so, Etelaranikä embraced its evil

Ruler, Ryluth. Restrained by Beroan’s resolve.


Bjornulf bearing burdensome wounds bade back to breathe.

At Drattujert’s daybreak, dragons delivered him

To rest, recover, and restore, regaining strength

To fight the fearsome firedrake, Ryluth, once more.

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