The Ballad of Bjornulf – Part 1

O Lusarth! Hail to me, Hallmund thy humble voice,

As I invoke the illustrious image of

Bjornulf the Bold, Bjornulf the Beloved, Bjornulf

The Tamer of thunder and Tenelth’s haldraga!

O Lusarth! Help me, thy haldraga Hallmund speak

Of the alliance, Bjornulf authored and aligned

‘Twixt daring men and an ancient dragon’s descent, 

That Lohikärran warriors and legends leap

To honor oaths made by our originator.


Lo! In a land so long forgotten, was once forged

An aethling foretold to ascend against his kin.

Borne Bjornulf, a babe sent out to bury at sea.

Death demured the gift, that – was detained by dragons.

Bjornulf bore the name of dragon bred, as he bled 

Fighting fearsome mainland foes of his Tenelth.

The winged warriors of wretched doom, they wail!

His people, persecuted by the perilous.

But Bjornulf born barbarous and dragon bred, slew

Many the terrible teemings with Tenelth. That

Kin of his – carried cacophony for days. Lo!

Ancient dragon feuds over frosted firmament

Drew Tenelth to disturb the devil, Ryluth.

Wisdom wielded by the warrior, Bjornulf won

The fair land of Lohikärra from the loathsome

Powers at last. Pushed back from peril, the people

Of Lohikärra lauded Bjornulf as their lord.


Fairest lady of Lohikärra, Freya fought

The dragons with dire determination, once a

Sacrifice for respite from sinister serpents.

Her calling since childhood, now censured by Bjornulf.

She, daughter of Drifor, chief of the Droquro

And Ruddea, regal priestess to Ryluth,

Brought her bed-roll before Bjornulf, cloak-bare and bade

Him husband, heretofore pledged herself to grim death.

In short season, she bore him babes of his body,

Numbering the thegn names of Lohikärra now.

Thus the twelve thegns’ descent in all, from thence time called

Freya, fairest mother; fond was Bjornulf’s consort.


Waxing in war-fame, the Droquro went willing,

Following their fearsome leader, Bjornulf to the

Mighty mead hall and mound of Tenelth’s making.

The dignity of Drattujërt drove many to Bjornulf’s banner.

Still Ryluth rose and reigned in terror, Tenelth

Never sleeping, never silent, soaring over

Drattujërt, until the destined demise of vile

Ryluth – To languish and lament in Lyrroth e’er.


Ryluth! The revulsion with which you’re regarded,

Only pales to your pernicious powers. Once a

Terrible team with Tenelth, the treachery 

Of your gilded lust of gold and power, gained you foes.

As Bjornulf brandished the battle-sword and slew more 

Of your terrible kin, Tenelth took to the

Sky, scouring the grassy sea of Svarhestån,

To deal you thy destined demise. Yet darkness fell

As Tenelth traded his life for your triumph.

You sinister serpent, slipping away, sulking

As Bjornulf, broken, begged his dragon brother live.

Yet Tenelth soon slept a dying slumber, save

To console Bjornulf’s childish heart. He spoke once

Of lifelong bond and band between Bjornulf and him.

And thus Tenelth titled Bjornulf haldraga.

Alight in spirit, Bjornulf’s alarmed spirit stilled – 

Joined in joyous match, Bjornulf and Tenelth were

One body, two souls, which wavered not in power 

But Bjornulf born, at Tenelth’s death, a boundless

And mighty man, first master of Haldraganem


Oh, Lusarth! Derive to me dragon dreams, so I

May speak the majesty of Bjornulf’s memories.

When once he witnessed the wonder Haldraganem.

And spoke as sublime serpents do, soaring over 

Lohikärra, in its lavish grandeur. Bjornulf

Here, heard the harkening tribes plead help from Ryluth’s

Devilish dragon kin and Tenelth’s decree

That the tribes unite in tribute to their brave king.

Bjornulf, dragon bred, divined his due destiny

And Tenelth assured his achievement of such 

Would Bjornulf, his wanderers and descent worship

Tenelth and his kin, from thence time to the end.

A vow Bjornulf made, to his virtue and victory.

When winter’s light woke Bjornulf, he wept but little

Baring Tenelth’s bones to brave Drattujërt’s bury-

Mound. The mead hall made with melancholy music

Lamenting those, alas, lately lain in Mirroth.

Aft three days mourning the dead, Bjornulf departed

To wrench wretched Ryluth from his deep mountain roost

And disavow the land of b’deviled dragons.

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